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General Terms and Conditions

1. General
On registration, the player accepts the rules. In the case of violating the rules, suitable measures can be initiated in order to enforce the rules. The data stated on registration will not be disclosed to third parties as long as no violations against applicable laws exist. All independently created texts and contents within the game may not contain pornographic and/or racist statements or innuendos.

2. Player account
2.1 Each player may only register and play under one account/means of access.
2.2 The use of offending/sexist /racist words in player names is prohibited.
2.3 The account/access or password may not be disclosed to others.

3. Behaviour
3.1 It is prohibited to harass, offend or threaten other co-players via PM in any way and will lead to a warning and, on recurrence, to the account being deleted. Recurring attacks against the same player are NOT to be understood as harassment.
3.3 Players who create offensive, pornographic, illegal, political and/or right-wing extremist names, profile descriptions/clan names/abbreviations (TAG)/object names (Towers) will be deleted.

4. Use of help tools, scripts, bots
4.1 The use of scripts and programmes that automate actions or change the user interface or influence the happenings during the game are prohibited.
4.2 Generally speaking, the game may only be played using a “normal” and generally accessible, unaltered web browser (e.g. IExplorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla or the like).
4.3 Likewise, all scripts that put a large load on the server are prohibited.

5. Bugging
5.1 Error in the game (bugs/exploits) must be immediately reported in the forum or to the administrators.
5.2 Error in the game (bugs/exploits) may not be taken advantage of for one’s own benefit and non-compliance will lead to the account being deleted.

6. Third-party advertising of all kinds is prohibited.

7. It is prohibited to obtain illegal access to the accounts of others. Violations will lead to being excluded from the playing (and can be reported to the authorities).

8. We expressly point out that players distribute their signature on their own authority. We assume no liability whatsoever for corresponding consequences arising from their behaviour in forums, chats or visitor books.

We reserve the right to expand or alter the rules at any time.
-The Critical Hit! Team